Portuguese Virtual Airlines

Up to date schedules
We frequently update our schedules/missins to match the real world so you don't miss out on any of the realism! From our Cargo Operations, To our Charter operations, and of course our New Executive Operations Division. Check it out for yourself, and start enjoying what PHPVMS should really be like today !
Flight Tracking
Our ACARS system will keep the minute details recorded just like our real world counterparts! Our system is 100% Customized from the gound up. Our Maps, our Trackers, are all new and with a modern look and speed. We offer well over 7 Live Flight Boards here. Download the Client you want, From Smartcars, kACARS, to cACARS. All 3 are your choice.
Flight Academy
Even if your just a beginner to virtual flying, our comprehensive flight instructors will help you fly like a professional real world pilot! There are several Real World Military Pilots, and Aviation Pilots here on our Site.
Team Multiplayer
A lot is done through Multiplayer such as training, Carrier traps, Formation flying, Missions, and much more. FSX-SE has now made this easy. We also use Hardcore, FShost and FScloud which gives us a lot more flexibility now. Along with Steam of course.
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